Estate Auction Combined Estates

Saturday February 23rd at 10 am.

Auction Moved to:  6933 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, Va. 23188

Colonial Towne Plaza Shops, near Pottery

PARTIAL LIST: Antique Ship’s Wheel Tables, 21 Model Ships, WWII Posters, Hand-made Nutcrackers from Germany, Framed Original Paintings, Framed Prints, Antique Prints, European Etchings, Bopp Prints, Decoys, (Canvas Swan, Canvas Goose, Carved Goose Lamp), Crocks, 10-Gallon Churns, Bohemian Wine Glasses, Crystal Biscuit Jar, Vases, Bowls, Punch Bowl w/Cups, Crystal Chandeliers, Mirrors. Antique Brass Bed, 1840’s Pine Rope Bed, Victorian Carved Rosewood Settee, Ornate Oak Hall Coat Stand with Shield Mirror, 48 inch Mahogany Tilt Top Table, 2 Oak Upholstered Rocking Chairs, Oak Hoosier Cabinet, Walnut Victorian Marble Top Shaving Stand, Ornate Oak Dresser with Mirror, 30 inch Round Mahogany Lamp Table, 2 Oak Turned Leg Lamp Tables, Mahogany Corner Chair, Mahogany Walnut Chair, Child’s Morris Chair, Round Walnut Victorian Commode, Child’s Oak Rocker, Mahogany Chippendale Style Claw Foot Drop-Front Desk, 3 Pc Ornate High Back Oak Bedroom Set, 2 Pc Marble Top Walnut Dresser and Matching Wash Stand, Pine Hanging Corner Cabinet, Pine Single Drawer Cabinet, Amish Chair, Hitchcock Chair, Milking Stools, Brass Nautical Bells, 2 Ship’s Lanterns, Lamps made from Nautical Pulleys, Edison Wax Cylinder Phonograph, 2 Oak Country Store Counter Glass Cabinets, “Granger Pipe Tobacco” Case, Tall Metal Victorian Spice/Seed Dispenser, 1880’s Zinc Bath Tub (25 Cents for Bath), Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar, LLadro Sailboat Plaque (original box), Large Fenton Ruffled Edge Basket, Blenko Cobalt Vase, 35 Snow Babies (original Boxes), Area Rugs, Quilts, Linens, Figurines, 29 “First Ladies” Madame Alexander Dolls in original boxes, 50 Barbie Dolls, original Boxes, 100 Cherished Teddies, Yesterday’s Child,  Books, Civil War Book signed by Author, “Christ in the Camp; Religion in Lee’s Army” Rev J. Wm. Jones,D.D. 1887.  5 Volumes US Stamps MINT! 1926-2013 Catalog Value $12,219, 4 Volumes Canadian Stamps 1926-2012, Catalog Value $3,300.   Stained Glass Peacock Panel, Stained Glass Ornate Panel, Stained Lamps, 2 Stained Glass Shade Floor Lamps.  Jewelry, Watches, 14 kt Gold Topaz, Diamond Earrings, Aquamarine Earrings, Pearl Necklace with Jade, 2 Diamond Cluster Rings, 2  Rings with Amethyst, Topaz, Garnets in Gold, Gold Heart Necklace, 10 Sterling Rings with Gemstones, Sterling Turquoise Necklace, Amber Necklace with 14 kt gold Clasp, 2 German WWII Belt Buckles, …Still Unpacking!!!  

 More Images and detailed list  Below 

Additional List:

Murano Art Glass

Art Glass Sail Boat

Roseville Pottery

Red Wing Pottery



Japan Pottery


Antique Chinese Charger

Snow Babies,

Vintage Fishing Reels, Rods

Lures, some signed. 

Jade Grapes

Military Insignia, Ribbons

Officer’s Dress Hat

10 Pocket Knives

Books: German,2 World Atlas, WWII Books (Chronological History,)Lighthouses, Water Fowl, Mrs. Robert E. Lee, “Alone” by Admiral Byrd, MORE!!!

List of Dolls…

Madame Alexander: President’s Wives:

Julia Tyler

Dolly Madison

Mary Todd Lincoln

Angelica VanBuren

Abigail Adams

Jane Pierce

Sarah Jackson

Martha Washington

Abigail Fillmore

Caroline Harrison

Mary McKee

Frances Cleveland

Lou Hoover

Florence Harding

Mary McElroy

Lucretia Garfield

Martha Randolph

Jane Findlay

Harriet Lane

Sarah Polk

Louisa Adams

Julia Grant

Betty Taylor Bliss

Elizabeth Monroe

Marta Johnson Patterson


Harley 22256 Ken 22255 Harley

Harley 17692 Sportster 1200

Barbie Harley 29207 Flame Design

Ken “Live to Ride” Harley 25638

Dorothy 12701 Wizard of Oz

Glinda 25813 Wizard of Oz

Hollywood Barbie 26915

Eliza Dolittle

Marilyn Monroe 17452 with Red Dress

Diana Princess of wales 1961-1997

Grand Entrance by Cartrer Bryant 28533

Wedgwood England 1759 # 25641

Elvis Presley Eagle Jumpsuit

Elvis 30th Anniversary

“Share a Smile” 15761

School Photographer 20202

Coca Cola FIRST 22831

     Second 24637

     Fourth 28276

     Fifth 53974

Elizabeth Taylor

Erica Kane, Daytime Drama

Barbie 35th Anniversary

Barbie 45th Anniversary

Barbie 50th Anniversary

Cinderella Signature

Country Duet Ken AND Barbie

Soda Fountain Sweet Heart

Summer Daydreams

Barbie NASCAR 94 # 22954

Pocahontas “Feathers in the Wind” 14920

Star Trek Ken AND Barbie 15006

“I Love Lucy” Lucille Ball 17645

Barbie for President 3722

Cruella DeVil 16295 Power in Pinstripes

Cruella DeVil 17576 Ruthless in Red

Harley Bike Model Heritage Soft Tail Special 0570

MatchBox 57124 1.9 Scale Die Cast Fat Boy Harley


City Seasons Barbie 19431 1999 Summer Collection Polka Dot Skirt

     White Dress Black Hat 19430

     Leopard Outfit  22258

Dolls of the World, Second Edition French 16499

     Puerto Rican 16754

     German 12698

     Russian 16500

     Japanese 14163

     Artic 16495

     Spanish 24670

     Chilean 18559

     Native American 1753

Special Edition Pilgrim Barbie 12577

American Indian Barbie 17313

Pink Label: 






Madame de Pompadour (Green Dress White Hair)

AMY by Tasha Tudor Jan 1982 White Fairy Dress, Ice Skates

Lady with Black Hair, Feather Wrap, Burgundy Dress

Lady with Blonde Hair, Gold Red Hat and Dress

Glinda in Wizard of Oz, Pink Dress, Crown, Wand

Queen Mary II Blue Dress

Man “I am the Good Shepard” with 2 Lambs

Queen Mary Reddish Hair, Burgundy Dress with White Center, Gold Accents

Queen Elizabeth II with yellow gown, Blue Cape


Cleopatra, White Dress

Groups of Dolls….25 Limited Edition, Ashton Drake, Gorham, sold by Group